About Ocuco
Ocuco is an Irish owned optical software company with a strong international presence. Established in Dublin in 1993 by CEO Leo MacCanna, Ocuco pioneered clinical recording systems for Irish independent optometrists which later expanded to include retail and marketing solutions. The Irish ophthalmic industry, a superset of global eye care business and optometric processes, provided a conducive environment for developing clinical and retail systems suitable for international markets.

In 1997 Ocuco extended the Acuitas practice management system (PMS) to cover the needs of enterprise customers, and since then the Acuitas PMS has been installed in thousands of practices all over the world. In 2008 Ocuco entered the optical lab software market with the acquisition of Innovations in the US, further extending Ocuco’s optical industry software coverage.

Today, over 7,500 sites across 77 countries use Ocuco products and services; establishing the company as a global optical industry leader. Ocuco continues to develop and expand its software offerings; recently introducing integrated eCommerce products for the retail sector, and expanding the Free Form offering in the lab space.

Ocuco maintains its corporate headquarters in Dublin, accommodating 60 of the company’s 200+ professionals, including most of the executive branch. The rest of the team are deployed globally, with offices in the US, Canada, England, Wales, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Australia, China and the Netherlands. Ocuco is always on the lookout for talented engineers and experienced optical industry personnel to join the Dublin and international teams.